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Publishing Terms for Beginners: I

Welcome back to my series on Publishing Terminology. Continuing this A-Z series, today we're looking at words starting with the letter I

Pantsers vs Plotters

If you're new to writing you may have wondered what the hell a 'pantser' is and been too afraid to ask. Fear no more!

My 7 Rules of Email Etiquette

Today's post isn't just for writers, but for everyone. Most of this should go without saying, and if you've ever worked in a bus

Setting writing goals for 2018

Setting goals helps us to achieve more in life, but how do we set effective, achievable goals which will boost our writing careers to the ne

Leaping into the new year

What is it that you want to make possible this year? What dreams do you want to make real? What bold leaps are you going to take?

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