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A 'How To' guide to Indie Publishing

Okay, so the title of this blog post is deliberately misleading. I am not going to post a complete 'How to' guide to self-publishing on this blog.

My focus on this blog tends to be aimed far more at those interested in traditional publishing than in indie publishing, and my reasons for this are simple:

  • though I've self-published 7 books so far, I am still learning how it works myself.

  • there are other people who are far better qualified to give advice to indie publishers.

If you plan to Indie Publish your books (i.e. be an independent publisher), you are going to need to see your writing career as a constant learning curve. There is no magic bullet, no To Do list you can tick off and say "there, that's done now." The most successful indie publishers are professionals who are flexible, open to learning new things, and open to experimenting. If you aren't good at picking yourself up after failure, then Indie Publishing might not be for you.

But for those who love a challenge, who view their writing as a career with a long tail, who like to learn and try new things, and who know that failure only makes you better and stronger, Indie Publishing is going to be one hell of a satisfying journey for you!

So who are those people who are better qualified to give advice on Indie Publishing?

There are many successful Indie authors who share their expertise online. My recommendation is that you track down and stalk Joanna Penn, Catherine Ryan Howard, David Gaughran and Mark Dawson.

Also, sign up for newsletters with ALLi (the Alliance of Independent Authors). They run lots of free webinars, online conferences etc.

On the local stage, I highly recommend the blog of Dave Henderson of My eBook. Dave posts regularly on the various aspects of Indie Publishing, with the added bonus of covering issues that are unique to those of us living on the southern tip of Africa.

Are there any other sites or gurus you recommend? Please share their names / links in the comments section below.

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