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In the beginning was the word

For most of us writers, it starts with words on paper. We were the teenagers who scribbled in diaries, kept dream journals, wrote letters for our friends, aced school essays, and told stories in our heads.

Then one day we decided to take this writing thing a little more seriously. We started to think of ourselves as writers. We had big plans and even bigger dreams. Those were our Garden of Eden days; the days when we didn't know how much we didn't know and we were blissfully happy.

And then reality set in. We discovered it wasn't so easy to get published, and the first stories we'd lovingly slaved over were good for nothing but recycling. We started to realise there was a whole lot we needed to learn before we could become the next JK Rowling and buy our island in the Caribbean. (Disclaimer: I don't really think JK Rowling owns an island in the Caribbean. That's my dream).

If this is where you find yourself now, lost in the big, wide world and trying to find your way back to Paradise, then this is the place for you. On this blog, I'll share advice (gathered the long, hard way over the last decade), answer questions, and demystify the publishing industry.

This big wide world of writing may not be as blissful as Eden, but there's a lot of fun, self-fulfillment and success to be had, so let's get this party started!

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