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My 6 Rules of Marketing Etiquette: Rule #6

Today I conclude this series of blog posts focussing on a marketing topic that applies specifically to authors: a list of what NOT to do when you're about to launch a new book. If you missed any of the posts in this series, you can read the others here.

Rule # 6 - Expecting strangers to promote your book for you

This applies not only to emails, but to any kind of direct messaging, including WhatsApps and Facebook messages. Please, please do not contact every person you ever connected with on social media asking them to market your book for you, or to review your book for you.

Would you take your book to the dentist, and ask the dental hygienist you just met to review your book? No, then why are you asking me to after 'meeting' me on Facebook?

Rather than asking strangers for favours, save those emails for your closest friends, the people who care enough about you to be willing to donate their time and effort to promote your book. Or alternately, send a professional email to book bloggers or book marketers whose job is to review books in your genre.

Before asking that passing acquaintance to do you a favour, consider making friends with them first. The best way to get support for your book from random authors you friended on Twitter, or met once at a conference, is first to support their books. Have you reviewed their books? Have you hosted them on your blog? Have you sent shout-outs to all your friends when their books released? No? Then why should they do it for you?

Can you think of any other dos and don'ts for book marketing that haven't been covered in this series?

Since this series was focused on the negatives of what NOT to do, my next few posts will cover tips on what you CAN do to launch a new book out into the world. Check back here on Friday 15 June for the first post in this new series.

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