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New workshop series starting soon

This weekend I'm off to ROSACon2017, the annual two-day conference for romance & women's fiction authors in South Africa, which I arrange for ROSA (Romance writers Organisation of SA). This conference is pretty much the high point of my entire year. I've been planning this event since late 2016, and I'm almost scared that it's now here! Have I remembered everything?!

But I haven't been completely ignoring my own writing workshops and clients in the run-up to the conference. In fact, I'm about to launch a to new series of workshops - and you are the first to get the good news!

These workshops will tie into a series of YouTube videos I am currently recording and posting. (You can view my introductory video here). While the (free!) YouTube videos give a brief overview of each subject, I highly recommend the far more in depth workshops and webinars I'll be offering on the same subjects.

Yes, you read that right - webinars. That means you can get the benefit of personal coaching from me, no matter where in the world you are!

The first series is called Beginner Basics, and it will cover the 10 most common (and easily fixable!) mistakes beginner writers make. You can download a PDF of the workshop program here.

The second series which will follow is 5 Steps to Building an Emotionally Satisfying Novel. This series will take a much wider view, looking at your novel as a whole. The PDF program can be downloaded here.

I will be announcing dates and costs shortly, so watch this space, but if you'd like to express your interest in the meantime, please drop me an email, or leave your name in the comments below.

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