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Publishing Terms for Beginners: A

A is for... no, not Apple!

On this blog, I'll use a lot of terms that those experienced in the publishing business take for granted. But for those of you to whom this feels as if you're wandering lost and alone at midnight in the Forest of Terminology, I'll be running a regular A-Z feature on publishing terms, on the second Friday of each month, starting (of course) with A.

AAs - Author's Alterations, also known as Author Corrections, made after the manuscript has already been type-set.

Acquisition - the process of a publisher acquiring the rights to a book, and agreeing the contract details.

Advance - Money paid to an author once the book is acquired but before it is published. The advance is usually paid in several instalments (on signature of the contract, on delivery of the final manuscript, and finally on publication). Advances are paid against future earnings (royalties), which means the author doesn’t receive further royalty payments until the advance has been 'earned out'.

Advance copies - the first finished books (before the book is available for sale) which are designated for reviewers, advance orders and other special requests.

Advance Print Run - printing of a book before the book's official release date.

Agent - a literary agent is a person who represents an authors for a percentage of their client’s income (usually about 15% of the author's earnings). While an agent isn't necessary to become published, they can definitely open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

Amazon - the Almighty Amazon is the world's largest online retailer of both books and eBooks. This American electronic commerce and cloud computing company was founded in 1994, by Jeff Bezos and is based in Seattle, Washington. Amazon produces the Kindle, the world's most popular eReader. The company also owns many publishing subsidiaries, including Audible and Goodreads.

ARCs - Advance Reader Copies. Early finished copies of a book, used for publicity purposes, reviews etc before the book's official release.

Audible - owned by Amazon since 2008, this retailer produces and sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers.

Author's Copies - Free print copies given to the author on publication. Normally, the contract specifies the number of copies, and further copies can be bought by the author at a special ‘author’s discount’.

Can you think of any other A words that are used in publishing? If so, please share them in the comments below. Any questions? Just ask!

To everyone who is celebrating this weekend: Happy Pesach and enjoy the Easter weekend. (And happy chocolate eating to everyone who doesn't).

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