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Publishing Terms for Beginners: D

In this fourth post in my regular monthly feature of Publishing Terminology, we'll be looking at words that start with D.

Defamation - any statement (written or spoken) which lowers a person’s reputation or exposes them to dislike or ridicule. If untrue and intentional, defamation can be either 'libellous' or 'slanderous'. You do not want to be accused of any of these terms, so beware using real people in your books!

Digital rights - the rights to copy or market your book digitally, either as an eBook, as a website download etc (or in any other digital form that has yet to be invented). The author has the right to decide how these rights are used - do you contract them away to a publisher, or do you contract them directly to Amazon, Copy, Draft2Digital etc? Occasionally, an author might sell print rights to a publisher in a specific territory, but retain the digital rights.

Distributor - a company that warehouses, catalogues, markets, and sells books to bookstores, libraries, and wholesalers on behalf of publishers.

Draft2Digital - a service provider that enables authors to upload their finished work to a umber of online retailers, and provides self-publishing support. In return, D2D takes a portion of the profits. There are no upfront costs. Draft2Digital

Domain name - the registered Web address or URL of a particular website. Registration often requires a small fee that guarantees exclusivity to the purchaser.

DRM - Digital Rights Management. Encryption software which protects eBooks from copyright infringement, and attempts to prevent material being exchanged freely over the internet. Not only does DRM not always succeed at preventing book piracy, but it can also annoy readers who might want to share the work between their devices.

Drop Capital - Large decorative capital letter at the beginning of an opening paragraph.

Dust jacket - a removable paper cover used to protect a book from dirt or damage. In these cost conscious (and eco conscious?) times, dust jackets are increasingly rare.

Can you think of any other D words that are used in publishing? If so, please share them in the comments below. Any questions? Just ask!

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