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Publishing Terms for Beginners: S

In today's post in the Publishing Terminology, we're looking at publishing terms that start with the letter S. You can read the previous posts in the series here.

Scrivener - a paid-for writing program designed for authors aimed mostly at Mac users but also available for PC users. The program includes features such as outliners, corkboards and side-by-side windows.

Self publishing - A system of book production in which the author becomes the publisher and assumes the financial risk of publication. A self-published book is usually distributed and marketed by the author.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. The theory and practice of raising your profile with search engines.

Series - a group of linked title sharing a common series title, usually linked by theme, setting or characters.

Slush pile - an informal term used to describe the unsolicited manuscripts sent to publishing houses.

Social media - websites and applications (apps) that enable users to create and share content within a social online community, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Style sheet - a document prepared by a publisher which sets out the standards and consistency of how punctuation, numbers, abbreviations, spelling and word usage are to be handled by that publishing house.

Submission - a manuscript sent by an author or agent to a publisher for consideration.

Subsidiary rights - (Sub rights) the rights granted to publishers or other third parties by an author to distribute the author's work in extended forms, such as foreign translations, books clubs, magazine serials, movie or audio versions.

Synopsis - a brief summary or outline of the main points of a book. This is usually a narrative outline summarising the character arcs, conflicts and main plot points.

Can you think of any other terms starting with S that should be included here? Heard a term, and you're not sure what it means? Share your suggestions and questions in the comments section below.

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