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Publishing Terms for Beginners: H

In this month's post in my Publishing Terminology series, I'm looking at words starting with the letter H.

Hardcover - hardcover books are usually sewn and glued, then bound with cardboard covers that are reinforced with a stiff cloth before being covered with a paper dust jacket.

Hard return - this is the process of jumping from the end of one line of text to the beginning of the next by pressing the enter button on your keyboard. Rather than using the space bar to create a new line (also known as a soft return) a hard return ensures correct spacing no matter if the margins or other formatting are changed.

Hash - the # sign. Also known in the US as the pound sign (which in the UK would be £)

Hi-Res - short for High Resolution. For authors, this usually relates to images you use for book covers and in promotional advertising. Ensure you have Hi-Res versions available of your covers and your author picture for good quality marketing.

House style - each publishing house has its own copy editing rules for spelling, punctuation. Your manuscript will be amended by a publisher-appointed editor to fit their house guidelines.

The final two terms are crucial for any writer intending to market their books as romances, because your story must have one or the other in order to qualify as a Romance:

HEA - Happy Ever After

HFN - Happy For Now

Can you think of any other terms starting with H that should be included here? Heard a term, and you're not sure what it means? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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