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Publishing Terms for Beginners: I

Welcome back to my series on Publishing Terminology. Continuing this A-Z series, today we're looking at words starting with the letter I.

Inciting Incident - the incident that happens either right at the start of your story, or in the character's back story, which changes your character's life and starts them on the journey of this story.

Impressions - a single display of a particular advert on a web page. Some search engine advertising fees are based on number of impressions, while others are based on the number of clicks (PPC or CPC).

Imprint - The identifying name of a specific line of books available from the publisher. Publishers may have many imprints.

Intellectual property - a work or invention that is the result of creativity, such as a manuscript or a design, to which the creator has rights, and for which he or she or their representative may apply for a patent, copyright, trademark etc.

ISBN - International Standard Book Number. The unique 13-digit number (10 or 13 digits prior to 2007) that identifies a version of a book. Some online retailers have their own unique identifiers, such as Amazon's ASIN number.

Can you suggest any other terms I've overlooked? Have you heard other writers bandy around terms you've never heard? Share your suggestions and questions in the comments below.

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