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Publishing Terms for Beginners - T & U

In today's post, we're looking at publishing terms that start with the letters T and U.

You can read the rest of the series on Publishing Terminology here.

Table of Contents (TOC) - this is the clickable list/index of chapters and sub-sections of an eBook usually placed at the front of the book.

Territory - a geographic limitation on the extent of rights covered in a publishing contract. For example, print rights for the United Kingdom might be granted to a UK-based publisher, while print rights for the USmight be granted to a US-based publisher.

Traditional publishing - the process of submitting a manuscript to an agent and/or publishing house. The publisher then acquires the rights for the book from the author, in return paying the author an advance and royalties (or more commonly among digital first publishers, royalties only). The publishing house puts up the money to edit the book, and to design and print the book.

Trope - a convention, familiar plot line or set up that is instantly recognisable to readers; a kind of 'shorthand' that helps both writer and reader identify the story. For a comprehensive list of romance tropes, click here.

Typesetting - the act of formatting a book on computer, including setting text, laying out pages, creating proofs and making corrections.

Unsolicited manuscript - this term is used for manuscripts that are submitted to an agent or publishing house without first being specifically requested by an editor or agent, and which do not come to the publishing house through an agent. These are collectively known in the industry as the 'slush pile'. Some publishers don't consider unsolicited manuscripts, while others do. You should always check an agent or publishing house's submission guidelines to check if they accept unsolicited submissions before sending.

Can you think of any other terms starting with these letters that should be included here? Heard a term, and you're not sure what it means? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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