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Publishing Terms for Beginners: V & W

In this penultimate post in the Publishing Terminology series, we're looking at publishing terms that start with the letters V and W.

You can catch up on the rest of the series here.

Vanity publisher - a publisher who charges (rather than pays) the author to publish the author's book. Unlike a self-publishing service provider, a vanity publisher often keeps a portion of the royalties in addition to charging the author for publishing and marketing services - often at over-inflated prices and with minimal results.

Vellum - a paid-for program available for Mac computers which designs internal formatting for both eBooks and print books.

Viewpoint - also known as Point of View (POV). This is the position or angle from which the story is viewed; the character through whose opinions and feelings the reader experiences the scene, or the perspective of the narrator in relation to the scene.

Webinar- A seminar that is broadcast live on the internet. Webinars allow participants to interact and share comments through chat, while viewing a live presentation.

World-building - the process of creating a fictional world. While this often relates to the creation of entirely new worlds (eg. in fantasy or sci fi), world-building is a part of every author's toolkit, whether the author is creating a contemporary corporate environment a Regency historical environment or an entirely new universe.

Can you think of any other terms starting with these letters that should be included here? Heard a term, and you're not sure what it means? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

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