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Six reasons why writers should blog

Happy Friday! It's taken me an age to recover from the planning, preparation and excitement of ROSACon2017. It takes a year to put this annual conference together, and then it's over in a flash! (Leaving me with an emotional hang over). But I am now fully recovered and back in business!

Since it's been a while since I posted on a Marketing related topic, today I'd like to talk about blogging. You know, that thing I'm supposed to do every Friday, but haven't done much of lately...

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In this post, I'm going to give you my Top 6 Reasons why aspiring writers (and more established ones too) should be blogging regularly. Some authors use their blogs as static sites on which to display their books, and that's fine too, since a blog is much easier to maintain (and free!) compared to crating and hosting a website.

That said, I firmly believe that there are great benefits to becoming a regular blogger.

But first: what do I mean by 'regular'? Really, that's up to you. I've you're a person who can pop out 300 words without blinking an eye, then you could blog twice weekly. If you have a lot of other demands on your time and feel you can't give that much time to a blog, then consider posting monthly. But the point of having a blog is to generate fresh content, so try to keep the blog alive!

The six main reasons why you should blog, even before you sell your first book:

  1. Instill discipline. Writing regularly and sticking to a schedule will teach you to write on deadline, will instill a habit of discipline, and teach you to be accountable.

  2. Improve your craft. Writing short, compact blog posts teaches authors to use their words effectively. Through keeping your posts to a reasonable length (about 250-300 words is good) while still creating engaging content, you will learn to sharpen your prose.

  3. Build your audience. Blogging helps to build you an audience and give you a history, so that when you do sell your first book, you're not starting completely from scratch. If you write non-fiction, having an established platform and audience will be a crucial part of selling your books.

  4. Improve Visibility. Once you are published, and being visible online becomes a necessity, having fresh content posted regularly on a blog with your name on it will improve your SEO (search engine optimization) and increase your visibility. Search engines like Google give higher rankings to sites that are constantly adding new content.

  5. Develop your voice. Regular blogging will also help you to hone your voice. As you become more comfortable writing as yourself, you will naturally develop your own personal style, rather than imitating others. As you select the blog topics that interest you most you will also become aware of what themes and issues are likely to be important in your fiction writing too.

  6. It's Free! Lastly, it's a way to build your brand and do all of the above without costing you anything but your time!

Do you have a blog? If not, what are the reasons you haven't yet started one? And can you think of any other advantages there might be to blogging?

Over the next few weeks I will post tips on how to get started with your own blog, as well as a few simple Dos and Don'ts for Blogging.

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