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Who am I anyway?

Existential questions aside, you're probably wondering why you should be taking writing / publishing advice from me. So here is a little about my background.

I started writing seriously more than a decade ago. Since then, I've gone from being a lonely wannabe writer who felt very much alone to the leader of a thriving community of writers. I've built an incredible support network and learned a lot (most of it by making mistakes I hope to help you avoid!)

I was first published by a small digital press in the US, then by an imprint of HarperCollins (one of the Big 5), and along the way I've also self-published 7 books. I am what is called a Hybrid Author, both published traditionally and indie published. I was first published during the easy early days of eBooks, and have watched the industry grow more competitive and tougher to navigate as eBooks have reached saturation point.

As tough as publishing has become, it's also grown easier in many ways. Authors of today have a great deal more control over their careers than they did a decade ago, and there is still so much potential to make our publishing dreams come true, that I really believe this is a great time to be an Author!

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