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Your Nanowrimo target is in sight, and you have the champagne chilling - but what happens after you've written 50,000 words?


Is your novel any good? And how will you get it into shape to submit to editors or agents, or even to self-publish?

The answer is: get your manuscript professionally appraised!

Sign up for a manuscript appraisal before the end of November 2017, and you can claim a 10% discount. Whether you submit your manuscript to me in December or in 2018, as long as you've signed up before the end of November, the offer is still valid!

What will you pay? My rate is usually $4 per thousand words, so a 50,000 word manuscript would be $200. With the discount offer, you will pay only $180.

What will you get? You will receive a comprehensive written report including suggestions for improvements to your novel, as well as a half hour feedback session via phone or Skype.

Additional discounted rates are available to South Africans.

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