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Webinars and Workshops

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Webinar Recordings

Recordings of past webinars are available to purchase at $10 or R100 each. These include:


What is Writing Voice, and how can you develop your own?

Deep POV

Immersing the reader in your character's mind.

Writing Process

An overview of the different processes and approaches available to authors.


Tips and tricks for researching your novel.

Building an author career

Practical steps to becoming a professional author.


Tips and tricks for writing an effective synopsis and query letter.

Show vs Tell

Techniques to make your stories a more immersive reader experience.


Techniques to help writers edit their own work for submission.

How Publishing Works

An overview of the publishing industry and the options available to writers today.


Goal, Motivation, Conflict - the three pillars of storytelling.

Story Structure

Classic three act structure explained.


Taking the first steps into indie publishing.

Character Arcs

Understanding the transformations our characters need to undergo.

Opening Scenes

Hooking the reader: how to create a page-turning opening chapter.

Saggy Middles

Techniques to survive the saggy middle of your story.


Internal vs External Conflict and how to use them to create a gripping read.

Writing Series

Maximizing your author earning potential by writing linked books.


Writing effective dialogue to enrich your book.

Action & Reaction

Building your novel one scene at a time.


Fun ways to create believable and compelling characters.

Workshops I offer

  • Introduction to writing Romance novels

  • Creating believable and compelling characters

  • Voice - what it is, and how to develop your own

  • Deep POV - going beyond 1st or 3rd person for deeper emotional reader engagement

  • Conflict - how to use internal conflict to create an emotional response in the reader

  • Narrative structure - understanding basic plot structure and turning points (for both plotters and pantsers)

  • Branding for Beginners - the basics of marketing yourself as an author

  • Writing effective dialogue

  • Ten things you should know before revising your novel

  • Dos and Don'ts for writing reader-hooking opening scenes

  • Designing your career - Indie vs Traditional publishing, and finding out what works for you

  • Researching your novel

  • Ten things you should know before querying editors and agents

  • Build Your Novel - a 5-part series from Chapter One to The End

  • Beginner Basics - a 10-part series including writing dialogue, showing vs telling, and point of view

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