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Tel: +27 82 414 7552

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Bordeaux, Randburg

Johannesburg, South Africa


Coaching Services

What can a writing coach do for you?

  • Provide inspiration and motivation

  • Goal planning and accountability

  • Conquer writer's block and improve productivity

  • Advice and career planning

  • Experienced feedback on your work

  • Help find your 'voice'

  • Query and synopsis polishing

  • Emotional and creative support

  • Help with plotting, conflict and character development

  • Track publishing industry trends so you don't have to!


Coaching Packages

Basics for Beginners (English)

$180 per month | R2,000 per month

Instruction and support for aspiring authors. This service includes 1-2 hours of critiquing time per week (approximately one average length chapter), and a half-hour consultation per fortnight, either via telephone or Skype.

NOTE: Minimum three months

Basics for Beginners (Afrikaans)

$100 per month | R1,200 per month

The same basic package, with support and teaching for new writers, but without copy editing. I will give feedback on overall story structure, character development etc, but will not be able to assist with language critiquing and development.

NOTE: Minimum three months

Intensive Coaching

$300 per month / R3,500 per month

Aimed at writers working to a deadline or who are more prolific than most, this package offers 3-4 hours of critiquing per week (approximately two average length chapters), and a half-hour consultation per week, either via telephone or Skype, or in person for writers living in Johannesburg.

NOTE: Minimum two months

Motivational Coaching

$80 per month | R800 per month

For experienced authors: regular motivation, goal planning, and organisational support for improved productivity.

NOTE: Minimum three months

Navigating Indie Publishing

$80 per book | R800 per book

Advice on formatting, design, metadata and uploading for writers venturing into indie / digital self publishing for the first time. Includes a one-hour consultation via telephone, Skype or in-person for writers living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Note: Cover design and edits are not included.

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NOTE: Special discounted rates are available to registered members of ROSA. Enquire above for more information.