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Editorial Services

Novel writing is a specialised skill which requires specialised editing, and the book you've poured your heart and soul into deserves an editor who will do your story justice.


I have a passion for storytelling, and understand the unique requirements of genre fiction. I offer developmental and copy editing services, and a manuscript appraisal service - check out the options below for the service that best matches your needs.

What types of stories do I edit?

My speciality is genre fiction. I especially enjoy romance novels, women's fiction, historical fiction and cosy mysteries.

What types of stories do I not edit?

If you are looking for an editor for non-fiction, memoirs or literary fiction, I can recommend editors experienced in those areas. I do not work on stories about physical or sexual abuse, torture, paedophilia, incest, addiction or stories that overtly or tacitly endorse hatred or discrimination towards any group based on race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, disability, or any other quality. If your story involves these issues as key plot points, I suggest you find an editor better suited to your work.

If I discover during editing that your story involves any of the above, especially on-the-page sexual assault, child abuse or torture, which was not disclosed to me up front, I reserve the right to discontinue editing, and the deposit will not be refunded. A pro rata fee will be charged for any edit work done beyond the deposit amount.

How long do edits take?

A full length novel (60-90k words) will take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete, depending on the level of detail required. Manuscript appraisals take approximately 2-3 weeks from commencement.

Do I offer free sample edits?

Yes, you can request a free edit on the opening 1,000 words of your novel as a sample of how I work. Please note that this service is only available for editing work, not for appraisals or queries.


Manuscript Appraisal

A comprehensive written report covering aspects such as character development, pacing, plotting, conflicts and writing style. The appraisal also includes a half hour feedback session either via phone call or Zoom.

As a rough estimate, work on approximately 18-20c per word in South African currency

(approx. $0.012).


Query Assistance

Assistance with writing and polishing of your query cover letter, critiquing and polishing your synopsis, and advice on  submitting to agents and publishers.

The cost is R1,200 / $110 per book.


Developmental Edits

Developmental edits focus on big picture elements, such as overall structure, plot, pacing and characterisation. 

Prices vary depending on individual needs, word count and genre, but as a rough guideline work on 30-36c per word in South African currency (approx. $0.025). Multiple rounds of edits may attract a different rate.

Final quotes will only be given after submission of sample pages.


eBook Formatting

Interior formatting for eBooks to upload to the various online retailers. Includes copyright pages, front and back matter, and a clickable Table of Contents.

Prices vary depending on word count.


Copy Edits

Once your manuscript has received a developmental or content edit, you're ready for line-by-line edits and an eye for detail.

Prices vary depending on word count, genre and individual requirements, but a rough guideline is 24-28c per word in South African currency (approx. $0.018).

Final quotes will only be given after submission of sample pages.

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