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Romy is truly an expert editor. Detail-oriented, meticulous, constructive, and perhaps most importantly, reassuring! As a seasoned author in her own right, Romy understands the nuanced relationship between author and editor and doles out praise as regularly as she suggests changes. Romy is adaptable and considered in her approach, and so I would unhesitatingly recommend Romy to anyone from absolute beginners to experienced writers.

Rebecca Crowley, multi-published author

Editorial Services

​Run, do not walk, to sign up for any of Romy's classes. She is beyond excellent, and will boost your writing skills amazingly while making it all fun.

Jeanne Kern, aspiring author


Romy is an excellent editor. She edited my Regency romance, A Marchioness Below Stairs, and her eye for detail and her strong sense of logic were invaluable in the editing process. Her interactive editing style made it a pleasure to work with her, as she ensured that I felt a part of the editing process as opposed to being an outsider looking in. She has the ability to look at the big picture while also focusing on specifics, and as she is both an editor and a writer she brings a lot of expertise to the table. I highly recommend her editing services.

Alissa Baxter, historical romance author

Editorial Services

Romy helped me to overcome my mental block and to find a writing routine that worked for me. She coached me on how to polish my writing skills and improve my characterisation. She read my rough drafts and provided input on tightening plot and improving story structure. I found that she has an excellent understanding of story mechanics in many genres, as well as being an enthusiastic reader. She is a published writer herself, and has provided me with insights into the publishing process. 

Kristien Wolmarans, aspiring author

Writing Coaching

​Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was informative, inspirational and inspiring!

Michele van Eck, aspiring author


I approached Romy to assess an important pitch a publisher had requested. I was restricted to two pages and needed to be sure the story flowed logically and the characters were well motivated. Romy was efficient and professional, helping me to see that I hadn’t conveyed the characters’ motivations (and their internal conflicts) sufficiently. Though I knew what was driving them in my head, I struggled to fit the details into two pages. She helped me to streamline my thought process and also picked up basic things like the importance of letting the publisher know early on where and when the story was set.

Romy went beyond the call of duty; providing me with additional research information and also the structure for a query letter should I need to include one. She even critiqued the strength and style of my language. I would recommend Romy’s services to any aspiring or professional writer.

Harper Dell, erotica author

Query Assistance

Two years ago I had 2 chapters of a book I just knew could be The One: The One I would finish, polish, and yes, submit. But I didn’t know where the plot was going, and I needed to be pushed out of laziness into productivity. Romy all but dragged me through the process, chapter by chapter, encouraging and nagging, and finally I had a manuscript. But it wasn’t ready for publication. I needed information, guidance, encouragement, and –again—nagging. Romy came through once more. As I polish the last two chapters, I know the book is mega-times better for every hint, suggestion, and comment. I hereby declare Romy to be a fabulous teacher, an encouraging friend, and when she decides to run for Goddess, she has my vote.

Jeanne Kern, author on the verge of greatness

Writing Coaching

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