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Your Nanowrimo target is in sight, and you have the champagne chilling - but what happens after you've written 50,000 words? How do you get your novel into shape to submit to editors or agents, or even to self-publish?

The answer is: coaching!

Working with a writing coach will help you polish your raw Nano manuscript into a valuable gem.

While that's incentive enough for most people, I'll make the deal even sweeter: sign up for my coaching services before the end of November 2017, and you can claim a 10% discount on any of my coaching packages.

You don't need to get started with coaching right away. In fact, no one knows better than I do how much you've earned a break! Whether you start your coaching package in December or in 2018, as long as you've signed up before the end of November, the offer is still valid!

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