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Workshops and Webinars

Workshops I offer

  • Introduction to Romance novel writing

  • Creating believable and compelling characters

  • Voice - what it is, and how to develop your own

  • Deep POV - going beyond 1st or 3rd person for deeper emotional reader engagement

  • Conflict - how to use internal conflict to create an emotional response in the reader

  • Narrative structure - understanding basic plot structure and turning points (for both plotters and pantsers)

  • Branding for Beginners - the basics of marketing yourself as an author

  • Writing effective dialogue

  • Ten things you should know before revising your novel

  • Dos and Don'ts for writing reader-hooking opening scenes

  • Designing your career - Indie vs Traditional publishing, and finding out what works for you

  • Researching your novel

  • Ten things you should know before querying editors and agents

  • Build Your Novel - a 5-part series from Chapter One to The End

  • Beginner Basics - a 10-part series including writing dialogue, showing vs telling, and point of view

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