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Write a romance novel

Just two days left to sign up for this 2-week course on how to write a romance novel.

From Monday 29 March to Sunday 11 April I am teaching an online workshop with Savvy Authors on how to write a romance novel.

Romance book sales exceed $1 billion per year, and a third of all mass market books sold are Romances, which makes it a very attractive genre for writers. But there's a whole lot more to writing Romance than throwing in some purple prose and slapping a half-naked man on the cover. If you want to seduce those voracious romance readers to buy your books, you need to know what is is they want.

In this workshop we'll look at reader expectations, genre tropes and conventions, and the many sub-genres that make up this lucrative corner of the market.

The course costs $25 for Savvy Authors members (and membership is free!) or $35 for non-members. If you'd like to register, or to find out more, click here:


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